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28 April 2017

Walk of Life Fashion Show, Crowne Plaza Hotel Belfast, in aid of Parkinson's UK and Boom Foundation.

08 October 2016

Article in the Belfast Newsletter
'Glad to be grey: taking the model approach to ageing' by Tina Calder.

Thank you Tina for the great interview and wonderfully positive story.

Link to article:                                                                                                                                                 

12 March 2016

West Coast Cooler Belfast Fashion Week #wccfw #cmprmodels
I was delighted to be one of the models in the 'Fifty Over Fifty' Fashion Show at Belfast Fashion Week. It was my first time on the catwalk and I loved it. Can't wait for more!

Hair by Brenda Shankey
Makeup by Jade Cecotti (Oonagh Bowman School of Makeup)
Photo by Brendan Mariani
Photo by Kevin Scott/Presseye (Belfast Telegraph)

Photo by Kevin Scott/Presseye (Belfast Telegraph)

 Photo by Kevin Scott/Presseye (Belfast Telegraph)

02 March 2016

Sky News Tonight Interview on the discovery of the grey gene:

21 January 2016

'How these mature models are flying the flag for the older generation' by Lee Henry

Absolutely thrilled to be part of this story in the Belfast Telegraph today about mature models. Yaayyyyy for diversity!

December 2015

TV Advertisement for Ciara Daly Make-up Brushes

Thank you Ciara Daly for inviting me to part of your ad for make-up brushes. Bravo for diversity!


31 August 2015

Delighted to be part of this story in the Daily Mail showing the beauty and freedom of being grey:

July 2015

'Naturalistas' Project (Photographer: Vanessa Mills)

Thank you Vanessa for inviting me to part of your wonderfully inspirational project showing the natural beauty of grey. You are a truly talented photographer who knows how to bring out the best in all of us.

05 March 2015
Article in 'Local Women Belfast'

21 February 2015
Photoshoot with photographer, Gavin Byrne (Red River Studios)


30 January 2015
Photoshoot with photographer,

Catherine McIlkenny

17 December 2014
My article featured in 'The Beauty Plus'. Thank you Jane Cunningham, BritishBeautyBlogger/Beauty Writer.
The Beauty Plus: The Grey Revolution

04 September 2014
Photoshoot with photographer, Gavin Byrne (Red River Studios)

19 August 2014
Photoshoot with photographer, Eva Wu

07 August 2014
Photoshoot, Castle Gardens, Lisburn

Photographer: Jonathan Ryder Photography

24 March 2014

Irish News WomenTalk, 'It's OK to go grey'

Thank you Jenny Lee for the wonderful article - a great opportunity to get the grey hair and pro-aging message out.

(Photographs taken by Mal McCann, Irish News)

22 March 2014

IN! Magazine Awards 2014

Thank you all for voting for me and my blog and giving me the privilege of being shortlisted for 'Online Personality of the Year' at the IN! Magazine Awards 2014. Even though I didn't win in my category I felt like a winner because I had the most fabulous glamorous night. With the red carpet arrival and all the glamour, it really did feel like Hollywood for a night. I was so proud to see my blog on the screen when they showed all those shortlisted and what a platform to get the 'grey message' out there. I got to meet lots of lovely people and had my picture taken with a few gorgeous celebs ... the hosts, Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes, Andrea Begley, Dame Mary Peters and Pamela Ballentine. Thank you IN! Magazine for this amazing opportunity and for a wonderful night!

07 March 2014

International Women's Day Event

I had the great privilege of attending and participating in a group discussion/meeting to celebrate International Women's Day 2014 (08 March). I spoke about my journey to grey and my blog, as well as pro-aging. It was wonderful to listen to and discuss with inspiring women who talked about issues such as business/finance, motivation/positivity and domestic violence.  

07 December 2013

Grey/Silver Meet-up, London

On Saturday 07 December, I attended the first 'Gray and Proud + Friends' meet-up in London which was organised by Kama Frankling (author of 'Daring to be Grey').

There were sixteen sassy and beautiful women at the gathering - all shades of grey. Everyone met up at the 'Meeting Place' statue in St Pancras Station (except myself and another lady from Finland as our flights had been delayed). This was followed by a beautiful lunch at the 'Plum and Spilt Milk' restaurant nearby which we all attended. 

We had the most wonderful time, laughing, chatting and getting to know each other - and taking lots of pictures. It was a very special day and one I will cherish forever.

I challenge anyone who says that grey is old or over the hill - and this special gathering proves them wrong!

09-10 October 2013

Dreams really do come true!

On the 09 and 10 October 2013 I had the great privilege of being part of a 2-day photoshoot for White Hot Hair. This was a dream come true for me as I had always hoped to be part of a professional photoshoot with other grey-haired women.

Jayne Mayled, the owner of White Hot Hair, and I ‘met’ when she introduced her company page to Facebook and her site on the World Wide Web. White Hot Hair launched on 03 June 2013 and is breaking new ground in providing products specifically for caring for grey hair, something we grey-haired women have been crying out for a long time. Jayne and I have communicated a lot since June and built up a great relationship – both of us fired up by the beauty of grey and real choice for women.

Early in our conversations on Facebook, we discussed  how it would be great to see photographs of a few women together promoting the beauty of grey and Jayne asked if I would be interested in participating. I, of course, said I’d love to be part of it (this being a dream of mine).

Well, the dream came true and on 09-10 October I had the most amazing, magical time …

Jayne collected me from East Midlands Airport on Tuesday night, 08 October. I had been looking forward to the trip for a long time, having booked my flights weeks before. It was lovely to meet her and she was as beautiful in real life as in the photographs I had seen of her on her sites. Driving from the airport to the hotel, we talked and talked about grey hair and just couldn’t shut up! It was like meeting an old friend. There is a ‘connection’ that exists between women with grey hair which is hard to articulate - a kind of knowing, a self-acceptance, a wisdom, something that we 'get'. Well, Jayne and I 'got' it. 

The 2-day photoshoot was fantastic – a brand new experience for me. It was lovely to meet the other models and the team of people who made it all happen. I and all the other models had our hair and make-up done by professional artists. We all looked and felt so glamorous and it was all exciting - like we were kids dressing up in our mother’s clothes and wearing lipstick!

We dressed up in various outfits for the themes of the photoshoot and hundreds of photos were taken, individually and in groups. It was great fun and we had a laugh. I really didn’t want it to end.

Jayne Mayled is a trailblazer with White Hot Hair and she is a genuine and lovely lady both on the inside and the outside. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to be part of the White Hot Hair photoshoot. Thank you Jayne – you made a 50 year old woman very happy!

(photographs courtesy of White Hot Hair)

For more about White Hot Hair go to:

05 August 2013

Belfast Telegraph, ‘Why I’m Glad To Be Grey’

I was approached by the deputy editor of the Belfast Telegraph, Gail Walker, who had seen my blog, and asked if I would be interested in one of her reporters doing an article on me for the newspaper about my grey hair. I jumped at the chance! A meeting was set up between me and Maureen Coleman in a café in Belfast city centre and she interviewed me for the article. Maureen was lovely. She has me lots of questions, recorded my answers and really listened to my story of going grey. Following this, a few days later a photographer came to my home to take some photographs. The resulting article, published on 05 August, was brilliant and very positive. Maureen had understood exactly what I was saying and really captured the essence of the topic perfectly. It felt so good to have a platform to get the ‘grey message’ out to the public.

Link to the article:

 21 April 2013

Mini-meet in Carcassonne, France

Whilst on a weekend trip to France to visit my daughter who was on her language degree placement, I arranged to meet up with two lovely ‘silver sisters’ who are members of ‘Gray and Proud’. Soledilo lives in Barcelona, Spain, and Benilda lives in Southern France. We planned our meet-up months in advance via Facebook and arranged to meet up at the train station in Carcassonne at 1.00 pm. When we saw each other at the station we just threw our arms round each other like we were old friends. We had seen photos of each other on Facebook and thought we had never met before, we ‘knew’ each other immediately. It was such an emotional meeting – and our smiles lit up the train station. After our initial introductions we walked with our husbands (and my son and daughter) up to the old medieval walled city of Carcassonne. We had so much fun, chatting, taking photographs, seeing the wonderful views, laughing all the way. It was a windy day, so not a good hair day – but we didn’t care – we loved being grey and proud! We had lunch in a restaurant and after all our walking and talking we returned close to the train station, had something to drink at the brasserie and said our goodbyes. We had so much fun and it was such a special day – one we will never forget.

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