What Have I Learned on the Way?

Observations ...

- I have learned that grey-haired women are in the minority and that the vast majority of women colour their hair.

- I have learned that men with grey hair are viewed differently to women. If it's OK for men to go grey and in fact praised and glorified (I'm thinking George Clooney here - and he's gorgeous) then why is it not the same for women?

- I have learned that women with grey hair are not used very much in advertising. There are very few exceptions to this, eg supermodels Yasmina Rossi, Cindy Joseph and Pia Gronning who are all naturally beautiful. However, it is generally very rare to see grey-haired women used to advertising beauty products or fashion.

- I have learned that there are very few women employed as television newsreaders and presenters.

This list goes on ...


  1. Glad I found your blog. It's a catch 22. On the one hand not to many women want to embrace the gray, because as you state the support isn't there; so advertisers, then, don't want to show us in a good light. We are going up against some mega companies like Loreal, Revlon and other companies who have mega bucks invested in coloring. And then there is the issue of "age". At a time when the world is undergoing massive change, I've had many people tell me they don't want to do anything which makes them more of a minority than ever before. While I know I'll never go back to color; it's a lonely journey until you see some blogs, a few websites and another gray person in the store. I'm not as passionate about people going gray anymore. But I do know that I personally don't want to return to chemicals. But then I understand those who don't want to go gray. This shift in my feelings from passion about greying to dealing with it because its pragmatic and works for me has been causing me some angst lately: I'm not sure why. But in any case I love you in Gray and all your sisters out there. Keep the faith!

  2. That is interesting thought, I have observed the same but never thought of it in that way. Would be looking for answers and ask the same to people around here