The Journey to Grey ...

It was a difficult road ...

I went ‘cold turkey’ and it took me about a year, with a lot of patience, to grow out the dyed coloured hair. Firstly, I decided to get my hair cut short - it had been in a bob style. During the growing out phase my hair was such a mess, a mixture of the old dyed colour, my new natural dark brown and the grey coming through. I felt that I looked like I was letting myself go - that I didn't care about how I looked. Of course this is not true - I really cared! And, being honest, it was so difficult.

Transitioning 1

Transitioning 2

I purchased a book at this time and it really helped me to keep going: 'Going Gray' by Anne Kreamer. In her book, Anne Kreamer describes her own personal journey to grey. I owe so much to this author - her book gave me great hope and confidence to carry on. [Thank you Anne!]

I stuck with growing out the colour and every time I had a new cut I could see the grey/white strands of hair shining through more and more (especially round my face like a light). It was like a metamorphosis. I felt so free - free of the shackles of colour. I can't wait for my hair to go even greyer/whiter and hope to enjoy the continuing journey. For me, it's not just the outer look, it's how I feel inside too.



  1. It looks great on you. Do not color again. I don't LOL

  2. Thanks Jim - I will NEVER dye my hair again! Grey looks good on you too :)

  3. I am also growing out my dyed colour, much the same as yours I think. It was a dark brown (which always lightens up to a red colour ebventually)it really jars with the grey, hideous! I am finding myself explaining myself all the time. I am obsessed. I am learning to avert my gaze especially when glancing in the rear view mirror else I'll crash the car! We have a panoramic sun roof and the sun shines on the greys and makes them glow! I am hoping that it'll look better all grown out than it does at the mo. What a rollercoaster ride!Also what a cool response I have had when I announce (I feel I have to warn folks)that I am going grey. The general response is Why? People are really quite blinkered about this, I suppose there are no role models are there, esp not under 60. I'm 38 and started greying at 22. I have very much enjoyed your blog and it has inspired me to follow in your steps. And BTW your hair looks lovely and totally does not age you.
    Good tips and great blog
    Liz in Hampshire.

  4. Hi Liz - thank you so much for your lovely comments. Keep going on your own journey to grey/silver - if I could do it, you can! Believe me, it's so worth it! Check out my YouTube video too - just type in 'Greyisok' when searching for it. Also, I suggest you join 'Gray and Proud' a group on Facebook - you will love it - it's full of the most supportive and inspirational people - I just love it! Good luck - we gotta convince other women that 'It's OK to be Grey!' Take care, Denise :)

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  6. Hello again Denise, May I ask you a mentor type question? Did you find you had more or less grey than you thought? I mean did you get what you expected? I ask because some days (depending on how light the enviroment is)I seem to have loads or grey and other times there seems to be quite a lot of dark hair still. Obviously outdoors it shows up more.
    As I'm 38 I'm hoping for a salt and pepper look but I know I have a lot of grey at the front & around the temples. Some days are quite scary and other days I feel quite empowered. It is a bit of a journey isn't it! One can get obsessed!!! I have a long way to go yet...God help my nearest & dearest!
    Anyway I looked at your you tube video. It was inspired to document your road to grey. I need to take some pics too.
    Anyway thanks once again!

  7. I have to say I am very impressed with the way you efficiently blog and your posts. Thank you for talking about every one of these wonderful Posts.I love them and looking out forward for your new posts.
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  8. AWESOME!!!
    makes you're face so much softer and sweeter!!!
    I am hanging in there myself "Cold Turkey"
    It is haaaaaaaard but I already like the Silver Shimmering on my Head and on my Sides.
    First I hate it it, now I am excited for every new "Silver Hair",
    it is really only the first 3 Month when the roots show, where you really feel, "DARN, HOW ugly is this!" But if you hang in there, it is amazing, GREAT JOB.
    A German in America
    Danny (Daniela)

  9. You inspired me, I am 43 and 12 months ago started my journey too. People still walk straight past me, they don't recognise me. I feel so much freer, I worked with a great hairdresser who 'had a vision' :) Thanks again.

  10. Just finding this as I'm considering stopping coloring my hair at age 40. I just want to say your natural color is so gorgeous and really suits you. Good for you and thanks for the virtual moral support to others like me considering taking the plunge.

  11. Hi what a fab blog! I too am allowing my hair to graduate to grey!!! I love yours!�� x

  12. I am in my early 50s I have about 50 / 50 grey and dark hair I cut it short last Sept to get rid of the dye and start afresh. Felt empowered and younger! I think with my dark eyes I look more feminine with the greys and silvers showing. I really like your blog, Denise �� thank you.x

  13. People! Read this blog! It's so interesting and grey is the new black!

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  15. Arrgghh! what to do?? I have been colouring my hair since my teens, then it was mainly for fun but I had already started to go grey as many of my family (it's a strong gene, many of us prematurely greying before 25). I have tried twice before to lighten my dark brown up to prepare for the grey grow out but I chicken out at the last minute or an important social event has me reaching for the dye because I just can't stand the look. The comment you made about people thinking you've let yourself go & don't care really resonates with me. That's exactly what I'm afraid of. I'm thinking I should get a T-shirt printed with a caption saying something like "Please excuse our appearance whilst we make these grey new improvements'!
    I'm teetering on the brink...I should dye my hair this morning, but I find the three weekly chore so tedious, I actually dread it.
    My husband is really supportive and tries to snap photos of women with grey hair he thinks look 'trendy' or 'funky' to prove that it won't turn me into a granny. I have decided to buy a cheap grey wig just for the purpose of trying on and seeing what I might look like...wish me luck....

  16. I look forward to that sense of Freedom from the Box dye!

  17. I didn't have the patience for the in between. With help from the same hairstylist who has been first cutting, then dyeing my hair since the 1980s (it started young, and I managed to keep up non-permanent dyes the whole time), I just had my 3 months grow out high and low lighted, with the areas that are white at the forehead and temples 'toned' to a pewter gray. It should last 3 months and then we'll assess how much 'lift' to give nature as I move toward no color. Just listing as an option!

  18. Started the grey revealing process 10 years ago. When I hear 'She has grey hair and doesn't wear makeup, she's really let herself go' I just smile. Nothing could be further from the truth!

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