Advantages and Disadvantages of Being Grey


- I feel a sense of freedom - both internally and externally.

- I feel I look more harmonious. My eyes, skin and hair match.

- I don't have the burden of having to physically colour my hair every two weeks.

- I am not putting chemicals onto my scalp which might not be a healthy thing to do - we don't know what they might be doing to us.

- It's free!


- I sometimes miss my lustrous, shiny, rich deep brown natural colour I had when I was younger (although I don't miss the dyed colour). But, I suppose this is really a hankering after my youthful days which we all think about from time to time - a growing older thing.

- I miss being able to wear any colour under the sun.

- I don't like the way my grey hair gets dry - but I try to deal with that in my hair care products.

The advantages for me far outweigh the disadvantages and I will NEVER colour my hair again!


  1. I've recently decide to grow out my grey age 46. Just had my dyed hair lightened to camoflage the skunk line. I feel so pale and old! But of course I feel 26! Any tips on how to adjust...? I'm used to being brunette...I have pale skin and blue/green eyes. Will I eventually like my reflection again?? This is tough!

  2. Hi Jennifer - when we go grey our colour palette changes completely. I would advise that you grow out your dye and then look at your clothing to see which colours you can still wear. Also look at your makeup and experiment with colours - keeping it soft and light. Transitioning is a pain - so be patient and keep going. It will soon pass and you will love the new you. I advise you join GGG Going Gray Guide if you are on Facebook - also 1000+ Silver Women. You'll get plenty of support and advice on these groups. Good luck and thanks for commenting x

  3. Grey suits some people but some get really annoyed. One should know the technique to perfectly carry oneself. People are always interested to know if it is natural of artificial.

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