The Grey Hair Tsunami ...

I believe that the 'grey revolution' is happening now from the ground up. Usually, trends are set and promoted by the large fashion and beauty industries and the consumer follows. But, my perception is that ordinary women are taking the lead in ditching the dye and becoming the trailblazers for grey. Perhaps the fashion and beauty companies will catch up with us. If they would only wake up! There is a real market for products for caring for grey hair, fashion, make-up, jewellery and accessories. Grey-haired women are ready to spend their money on these things - money they save from expensive hair salon colouring.  

The 'Gray and Proud Colour Swatch' - ordinary grey-haired women leading the way:

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  1. Grey is not just ok it is perfect, I am looking for grey wax and won't mind my hair to color grey. It looks really good and elegant