Grey Transitions

Thank you to all you beautiful, inspirational women who have allowed me to include your picture in my gallery:





Perri Ann







    All of you look so Beautiful, never regret what you did,
    All my Respects to you all.
    ....I am hanging in there....via Cold Turkey....for 6 Month now
    Yeix, but its getting there...
    Thanks for showing you're Transformation,- absolutly STUNNING and beautiful.
    A German in USA
    Danny (Daniela)

  2. Stunning! Gorgeous! Fabulous! Congratulations Ladies!
    Green Eyes, UK

  3. wow! you are all very beautiful & have inspired me to try again, yes I went about 6 months then caved in but you have all encouraged me again

  4. love how most of you look younger and more vibrant with gray hair!
    I'm six months in to my transition, and can't wait to get there!

  5. I have just started my transition and these pictures are great inspiration, I love how they all look more 'alive' and radiant in the after pictures. I'm also documenting my grow out progress on Life in Silver Please feel free to take a look, I need all the encouragement I can get!

  6. Lovely post and beautiful ladies. My stylist actually foiled in grey for me to assist the transition--it looks beautiful and natural. It is liberating to be done with all the coloring, the root maintenance--the time and energy, OMG! Kudos to all the women paving the way for the rest of us. You look gorgeous.

  7. I'm like Cat, my stylist is helping me transition. I started coloring my grey at 24. About 7 yesrs ago I transitioned to blonde becsuse it wss too hard to keep the white growth from showing with my "natural" dark hair color. Today I made the big jump/transition. I'm ready to be grey and I love what my stylist did for me. Ready. set. here goes.....

  8. I think you are all beautiful. I did the same thing finally went au naturale after my 50th, loved it, cut it all off and due to constant comments from "friends" I again dyed it. Regret it totally, now waiting to grow out the dye to go natural again. Natural grays are beautiful.

  9. I am glad I stumbled onto this blog. I am in the transition phase and am wavering. It is a tough go, some days I miss my dark brown hair.
    You are all beautiful. I only hope mine is as beautiful. Thanks for the encouragement.

  10. So glad to see there are some long haired gorgeous greys. Any tips for keeping it long? Do you just bite the bullet and have the chop to grow again or persevere? I'm 5 months in and a long way to go!

  11. Something very sexy about self confidence isn't there? The woman on this page and so many other pages focusing on grey hair transitions on the internet look absolutely fantastic. Grey is not the colour of "over the hill" or invisibility. Shine on ladies , Shine on. <3

  12. Wonderful transitions and I too will hang in there. Mine is long that is generally brown(home dyed-roots)but am now part blonde via the hairdressers toning down the brown. Know it will be a process and hoping the final colour is what I am aiming at. Well done to the ladies in the photo's.

  13. Everyone looks lovely but....they all look 10-20 years older with gray hair. But if they're happy that's all that matters.

    1. I disagree. Majority look softer and more vibrant. Maybe a different cut on the others would give a more youthful look. I still love them all!

  14. So happy to see these pictures. I'm 40. I have ditched the color and transitioning to grey. It's agonizing and worry about looking too old at work!
    This is inspirational, will keep me going :)

  15. Hi! Thanks I needed this self empowerment outlook. We silver and sexy women make men love us more because we know who we are what we have done and what we continue to do. We have White gold growing from our minds onto our hair. Ilona